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Interactive Voice Response

IVR directs your callers to where they want to go within your business.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the recording message and selection menu you hear when you call many businesses. It allows your caller to respond to directives by the recorded voiceover, that could be by selecting numbers on the telephone keypad or using voice prompts. You can think of an IVR as your own business tour guide, directing your callers to where they want to go within your business.

Our commercial script writing team can develop your very own corporate IVR menu prompts and have it produced within our recording studio with either male or female voice talent

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IVR services work with a business’s existing phone number including landline, VoIP, 13/1300 numbers, 1800 numbers and SmartNumbers. They can direct calls to any extension within the current phone system, and also to external landline and mobile numbers, and to live answering or voicemail.

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Quality Guaranteed

Your audio recordings will be produced within our own recording studio for maximum quality control. We combine automated and manual checks to ensure audio productions are top quality and broadcast-ready.

Premium Support

All our customers get the highest level of support regardless of plan type or spend. Chat to us live on the site, or call our Australia-based support staff and we’ll work with you to resolve your concern or question.

Campaign Script Management

We will work with you to create your very own On Hold Communication Strategy. Once created, we select a service level for an amount of script updates and new recordings per annum. Each service level meets our Grade of Service Guarantee.